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It's easy to sign-up with "PBarbArt!" Creating your very own account will guarantee you great perks every time you make a purchase, leave a review, referrals, & sharing your purchase on Social Media.

🎂Even on your Birthday you get something sweet!🎂




🎁Ways to earn points towards your account:

  • Sign Up! (500 pts) THATS = $5 towards a future order!!!
  • Place an Order (3 pts for every $1 spent)
  • Share on Facebook (50 pts)
  • Like on Facebook (50 pts)
  • Celebrate a birthday! (500 pts)

🎁Ways to redeem your points:

  • 20% OFF coupon (400 pts)
  • Free shipping coupon (500 pts)
  • $5 OFF coupon (500 pts)
  • $10 OFF coupon (1000 pts)
  • Order Discount (100 pts = $1) 


  • Give your friend a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase!
  • They get a $5 OFF coupon
  • YOU get a $5 OFF coupon



If these sound like some awesome perks,

(or click the purple button on the bottom/right of the screen that says "Rewards")